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A successful introduction creates happier employees.

Onboarding Services

For a new company leader, the first 100 days are key. The leader must learn processes and policies, while getting to know colleagues and implementing new ideas and strategies. DHR delivers a structured, customized onboarding program to help navigate these vital first weeks, with a distinctive emphasis on creating a positive experience. We focus on leadership, strategy, relationships, culture and work-life balance.


As each leader is unique, so is the individual’s onboarding plan. The process starts with an assessment of key team members’ leadership styles.


Based on inputs, a Team Culture Report is created to drive understanding and alignment around the culture and integration of the new leader.


To get where you’re going, you need a map. We provide clear guidance for the leader, manager and organization.


Walking alongside the leader, our coaches help the individual process new opportunities and develop action plans.


The process is a closed loop, providing critical feedback to the manager while maintaining confidentiality

Our Approach

DHR’s onboarding services are built to ensure a great experience for the leader and your organization. Leaders walk away with a deep understanding of the cultural nuances, norms and values of your organization – and where they fit. They’re prepared to drive change quickly while creating effective working relationships with key stakeholders and team members.


Future-ready leaders are developed based on your organization’s needs and are grounded in your company’s strategy and culture.


Provides an inclusive assessment of team member dynamics and work-style preferences.


Identifies the new leader’s leadership strengths and developmental opportunities in the first 100 days and beyond.


Every leader is unique, so we create an individual coaching development plan to meet the individual’s specific needs for optimal results.

Client Story: Executive Onboarding

To quickly integrate new executives

After a significant restructuring, a private university had hired two new executives who were to become part of a newly formed senior leadership team. The newly hired executives had limited time to get up to speed before taking on a strategic planning process.

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