Client Story: Assessment & Talent Due Diligence to Inform a High-Stakes Decision

A private equity firm was planning a $100M acquisition of a specialty manufacturer and sought an external perspective on the CEO, executive team, and their compensation levels before proceeding with the deal. The firm was seeking comprehensive insight on talent to inform a high-stakes decision.


DHR performed the following:

  • CEO assessment, using two interviewers, 12 references, and the Hogan suite of personality assessments
  • Team assessment, based on interviews and Hogan assessments
  • Compensation benchmarking, based on similar placements for other private equity-backed companies

DHR provided a comprehensive analysis of the CEO and executive team’s performance drivers and ability to deliver on the investment thesis, plus a talent grid demonstrating talent needs to support future success.

Benefits / Business Impact

  • DHR armed our client with critical data that informed their decision on how to proceed with the acquisition, including the price they were willing to pay.
  • Our client received a fine-grained understanding of the team’s potential for success, the talent-related risk factors, and insights into the personality of the CEO to help get critical relationships off to a good start.
  • The CEO has engaged DHR to provide additional leadership support for the portfolio company.
  • Pleased with the quality of our work and ability to deliver it in a two-week timeframe, our client has recommended DHR to other investors in need of talent due diligence.

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